Our SME lending service is convenient, fast and easy!

By using an innovative credit scoring model, we are able to assess your business's credit-worthiness through an evaluation of both qualitative and quantitative criteria. That's what helps us say 'Yes!'.

Term Corporate's process is client-centric. We are guided by a commitment to lending in a responsible and fit for purpose manner. We give you feedback on your application within 3 days of receipt of all documents and release funding within one business day after the signing of the loan documents.

We value the importance of your time. With Term Finance SME, you can complete the entire application process online, including the submission of all required documents.

So you never miss an opportunity
So you can focus on growing your business
So you have the information and support you need

We like to be upfront and transparent about your monthly payments and interest, so you don’t experience any surprises.

Use our interactive loan calculator to specify your loan amount and payback period.

How much does your business need to borrow?

Over how many payments would your business like to pay it back?

Amount your business is borrowing

Total Interest and Fees

Indicative Repayment Plan

    * Please note payments quoted in the repayment plan above would have to be made at the end of each month in which they fall due.