Our consumer-lending model is designed to be responsible, convenient and efficient.

We design our products to protect the welfare of our customers, as well as their office and field productivity.

Employees can apply from their smart-phones, tablets or PCs in under 5 minutes and we usually have funds in their accounts on the same day.

The process is simple and 100% web based

  • Visit our website and complete our eApplication form.
  • We check that you are employed by a reputable organization and your application details are correct.
  • Login and sign your loan agreement using our digital eSignature feature.
  • Your employer confirms that they will deduct from your salary and repay us on your behalf.

We like to be upfront and transparent about your monthly payments and interest, so you don’t experience any surprises.

Use our interactive loan calculator to specify your loan amount and payback period.

What is your net monthly salary after all deductions?

What portion of your salary would you like to borrow?

Over how many payments would you like to pay it back?

Amount you are borrowing

Total Interest and Fees

Indicative Repayment Plan

    Your Effective Interest Rate

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