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Term Finance is a web-based credit institution operating in the Caribbean region.

We offer responsible short-term loans to individuals and small-medium size businesses in a transparent, affordable and convenient way.

Our products are designed for employees of reputable organisations and small-medium size businesses.

Short Term Loan

for Employees

Borrow up to your full net monthly salary now, and pay it back over 2 to 5 equal monthly payments, starting next month.


for Employees

Borrow up to three times your full net monthly salary now, and pay it back over 12-24 equal monthly payments. This product is by invitation only.

Our service is designed to protect the welfare of our customers, as well as their office and field productivity.

A lending model designed to help us say 'yes'

Once you’ve crossed 12 months with your employer, we’re going to do everything in our power to ensure that you enjoy access to our services.

The most convenient application process in the Caribbean

Our loans can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office using any smartphone, tablet or PC.

Protecting our customers from credit traps

Our repayment model ensures that our customers stay true to their repayment plans, without needing to refinance or “roll-over” their loans.

Increasing productivity in the work-place

Our online accessibility and efficiency ensures that employees do not take time off of work to apply for credit or make monthly payments.

Get a loan from Term Finance within 24 hours using your smart-phone, tablet or PC.

Step 1

Visit us on the web

Use our interactive loan calculator to select a loan that’s right for you.

Step 2

Upload your documents

Login to your membership portal and upload a photo or scan of your ID and most recent payslip.

Step 3

We verify your identity

By contacting your employer, Term Finance confirms that your details provided are true and accurate.

Step 4

Get funded!

Sign your loan agreement and have funds sent directly to your account.